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how do I determine latest record and then get a total ?

Question asked by LisaB on Sep 5, 2013
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how do I determine latest record and then get a total ?


     I'm pretty new to FIlemaker. I have made an inventory database. Many of the inventory items have been appraised and have been assigned values. Some items have been appraised once, some have been appraised twice, some have not been appraised at all. Each Inventory ite has a unique ID and each apparaisal  for each Inventory item has been recorded on a separate record with a unique ID number and date.  Appraisal Records are sorted in descending order.


     Appraisal Date           Appraisal Record ID          Inventory item ID             Appraisal  Value

     1999                           A0001-1                              0001                                $ 1,000           (Inv item 0001has only 1 appraisal)

     1999                           A0002-1                              0002                                $ 2,000

     2013                           A0002-2                              0002                                $ 4,000           (Inv item 0002 has 2 appraisals)   

     1999                           A0003-1                              0003                                $ 3,000

      2004                         A0003-2                               0003                                $ 6,000

      2012                         A0003-3                               0003                                $ 9,000          (Inv item 0003 has 3 appraisals) 

                                                                                    0004                                                      (Inv item 0004 has NO appraisals)

     I want to be able to add up the values of only the MOST RECENT appraisal record amount for each inventory item.

     in other words I want to add up ONLY  Appraisal Record  A0001-1               $  1,000

                                                                   Appraisal Record  20001-2               $  4,000

                                                                   Appraisal Record  A0003-3               $  9,000

                                                                    For  a Total of                                   $14,000

     I've been able to figure out how to display the most only  recent records through a one line portal sorted in descending order, but I cannot figure out how to make a summary field for them.

     Please help.