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How do i do a found set for  ≠ 1

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Oct 21, 2014
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How do i do a found set for  ≠ 1


I have a field that, if it meets certain criteria, i mark it with a 1.

I want to find records that are not marked 1.

In this found set there are 2 other criteria,

So i have 2 on the find and this one on the omit...

How do i script that for the omit?

I tried  ≠ 1 in the set field but it does not put the  ≠ as criteria for the found set.

If i open the perform find and script it there, it does not allow for find records and omit records at the same time.

I am looking for  ≠ 1 because i want to eliminate the possibility of it having something in it, so i know i can do = ""...