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How do I do the comparison of fields get updated?

Question asked by AToprak on Apr 18, 2012
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How do I do the comparison of fields get updated?


Hello All:

Some weeks ago I asked how I can populate a field with a value from a field in a related table at the time of the record creation. Thanks to another member's help this problem is resolved.

This field is a date. It could be in the future or past. Let me call this Field 1

I have another field that automatically records the current date (Field 2). And yet another field (Fieldl 3 that is suppose to calculate if the Field 1 is greater than Field 2, and display a tex based on this:


(Field1 > Field2, "OK", "NOT OK")


I am discovering that this field automatically comes up as "NOT OK" when a record created. The form has at this point only the Field 2, which is a time stamp, and no value for Field1.

Entering a value yet into another field (Field_related), starts the lookup process and fills in the date into Field1. But the value does not change in Field 3!

I checked "DO NOT STORE" under "Storage Options" but this does not solve the problem.

Any suggestions?