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How do I edita Value list?

Question asked by 4star on May 5, 2009
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How do I edita Value list?


FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.0v1 question


I inherited a database recently and I am trying to add a new value into a field which requires validation. The validation rule is that the value must match a value from a field in the table I'm trying to add a record to.


I followed the help guide and clicked File > Manage Data base. The window containing tabs for tables, fields and relationships pops up. There are no tables or fields listed when either of those tabs are selected. Clicking relationships shows a relationships diagram. (I'm using a remote data base running on a FileMaker Server machine)


I tried File > Manage Value Lists. I get a pop-up that contains a list of value lists. The one I need to add a new value to is:


Value List Name       Source                  Values

Category                 From Field             Field:"Options::Category"


I click on that one and then click Edit. The button reading 'Use Values from field:" is selected and below the button it reads: "Options::Category"


I still don't see how to add a new value into this field.