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    How do I erase Databases?



      How do I erase Databases?


      I crated a few databases just to see what the templates looked like. I used their generic names that Filemaker Pro gives them, like "Contact Management." But I can't find any information anywhere on how to delete a database that has been created, and the program doesn't make it easy to find a "delete database" command. Even when I click on "Manage Database" there is no option to delete it. So how do I do it? I'm running V. 10 on OSX 10.6, and am brand new to Filemaker.


      By the way, if anyone can also answer my other question (I have a separate thread for it) about why the instructions on how to access my internet database are not working, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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             To delete a database, just delete if from the folder. It should have a filename with an extension ".fp7".
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            Think of it this way:


            If you used MS Word to write a letter and you then decide you don't want to keep it around, there's no command in MS Word to delete your document. Instead, you close the document and use your OS to delete the file. The same is true for a database you create in Filemaker.

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                 Thanks, guys. Now how do I access the database I saved through IWP? I'm typing in the ISP like the instructions say, but no cigar . . .
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                Thank you for your post.


                You do not save a database using Instant Web Publishing.  You access a database file using Instant Web Publishing.  Someone else is hosting the database file in FileMaker Pro.


                When turning on Instant Web Publishing, the IP address of the machine is displayed.  In the bottom left corner of that dialog box, click the file you want to display via Instant Web Publishing, and then on the right side, set access to All Users.  To make sure this is working, launch a browser window on the same machine, and enter:


                http://<IP address of machine>


                You should get the Instant Web Publishing screen.  If not, go back into FileMaker Pro, into Sharing -> Instant Web Publishing, and check the port.  If it is something other than the default of port 80, then follow the IP Address with a colon and the port number.  For example, FileMaker, Inc. has registered port 591.  If you change to port 591, and the machine has an IP Address of, then enter into your web browser:




                Once the Instant Web Publishing page shows correctly, and assuming you have a static IP address, go to another machine, launch a browser, and enter the same command.


                Please let me know if you need clarification for any of the above steps, or if you run into any further difficulty.



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