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How do I filter records in a portal by text?

Question asked by PeterPitt on Jun 28, 2013
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How do I filter records in a portal by text?


     I've never used FileMaker before but I am trying to filter records in a portal (linked to another FileMaker DB) to only display those tagged with a particular word (text).

     So far I've been able to display the records alphabetically in the portal but whenever I attempt to filter them my results are empty.  I think I need to use some form of calculation but I have never created one before and I'm stumped as to how to do it.

     I've attached a screenshot of my layout below, I only want to display records with the word 'generic' or 'elec' in the Letter Code field (which are drop down list options in another database) and ignore all other records.  Can anyone offer me some advice, or better yet explain how to write the calculation (or the logic behind it) to only display the records I need?