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How do I fix table problem FM PRO

Question asked by YeteiveClark on Feb 8, 2014
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How do I fix table problem FM PRO



     I'm a new FM PRO user. We have a database built by a former employee, and I've run into a problem with one of the db tables we use for weekly meetings. The table was set up to show patients whose current status is "considered for transplant". Of note, the table is tied into a portal that was created to track status changes.

     Transplant patients are entered to the db with status entered by drop down value list. The statuses are:

     Considered for transplant, unconsidered for transplant, transplant complete, rejected for transplant, not a transplant candidate, or patient deceased.

     When the status changes, only the "considered for transplant" patients should show up for our weekly meeting, but a few months ago all patients, regardless of status started to appear (some patient statuses changes were made years ago). Additionally, for some patient records, the status field was suddenly blank, when it had been previously populated.

     I would appreciate any suggestions on how I might fix the problem.

     Thank you,