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How do I get calculated image containers to display on Mac and PC over a network?

Question asked by wixx on Sep 9, 2009
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How do I get calculated image containers to display on Mac and PC over a network?


I've been thinking about this problem off and on for a while now, and thought I'd finally try for an expert opinion:


I have a database set up to track contestant information for a game show. Along with info such as name and contacts, each contestant also has a photo for easy reference. The database is set up on a PC host machine and needs to be accessed by both PC and Mac computers, both over the local network and via web publishing.


So: at the moment I have the photos stored in a folder inside the Filemaker "Web" folder to allow web publishing access. The photo files are given names identical to the contestant name (e.g.. "John Doe.jpg"). I want the images to be automatically inserted in the database once a contestant name is entered, to save users from having to manually match names with faces and manually import photos. So I have my image containers set up with an unstored "IF" calculation as follows:


If ( Contestant Master::Name ≥ 0 ; "imagewin:/Z:/Database/Filemaker/Filemaker 9/Web/Contestant Pics/Season 2/" & Contestant Master::Game ID & "/" & Contestant Master::Name & ".jpg" ; 0 )


At the moment, this works beautifully. As soon as someone enters a contestant name, if there is a corresponding pic on file it appears as planned. If not, they just get a clean empty space (instead of a "cannot find file x" message junking up the look of the container). If no name is entered and the field is left blank, the result is the same: nice, clean blank space. The obvious shortcoming is that this is only good for PC machines.


What would I have to add to the above calculation to make it compatible with the Mac platform without sacrificing PC compatibility? Can I have two platform specific IF statements with some other piece of code added in to tell which one is appropriate when a user is accessing it? Is there a completely different way to set up this functionality? Is this even possible?


(N.B.. I would describe my general Filemaker knowledge as "middling", and my knowledge of calculations and coding as "slight". If any suggestions call for complex coding, please kindly assume that I'm an idiot.)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.