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    How do I get individual records to appear in one layout?



      How do I get individual records to appear in one layout?


           I've created a database for my research. I have 900 records and all are categorized under a certain label. I've got about 40 labels with specific instances. For example, one of the label is BIRD and I have about 40 records with that label but each are unique instance and I've labeled them as instance 1.. instance 2... and so on. For each label, I have a "target" form. For example, out of the 40 records for BIRD, I have one target BIRD. Now I would like to display the target BIRD then all of the other instances after that target in a table/matrix view. 

           Like so:

           TARGET BIRD      BIRD 1        BIRD 2         BIRD3        BIRD4

           BIRD5                    BIRD6         BIRD7          BIRD8        BIRD9



           I can only get my data to show up in a columnar table view or an individual record view. I've tried to create special layouts but can't get the view that I want above. Can anyone advise on how this kind of view is possible? Please see attached if you need a better visualization of what I mean here. I would appreciate anyone's feedback! Thank you. 


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               For printing purpose and for viewing while in Preview mode, rather than in browse mode, you can use layout setup, to specify arranging your records in columns. That's the easiest way to get what you want, but it's a "read only" option as you can't edit the data while in preview mode.

               You can, however use a series of one row portals to arrange records into rows and columns like you show in your example. This requires setting up a relationship such as:

               Yourtable::Target = YourTable 2::Target    

               Target 2 is a second occurrence of Target created on the relationships tab by selecting Target and clicking the button with two green plus signs. (The duplicate button)

               You set up your first portal with "initial row 1" and then make a copy of it, but change it to "initial row 2". Repeat with each such portal incrementing the "initial row" setting in portal setup for each. This will produce a layout with an upper limit, if you get more matching records than you have set up portals, you won't be able to see them all.