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How do I get individual records to appear in one layout?

Question asked by JulieHochgesang on Oct 11, 2012
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How do I get individual records to appear in one layout?


     I've created a database for my research. I have 900 records and all are categorized under a certain label. I've got about 40 labels with specific instances. For example, one of the label is BIRD and I have about 40 records with that label but each are unique instance and I've labeled them as instance 1.. instance 2... and so on. For each label, I have a "target" form. For example, out of the 40 records for BIRD, I have one target BIRD. Now I would like to display the target BIRD then all of the other instances after that target in a table/matrix view. 

     Like so:

     TARGET BIRD      BIRD 1        BIRD 2         BIRD3        BIRD4

     BIRD5                    BIRD6         BIRD7          BIRD8        BIRD9



     I can only get my data to show up in a columnar table view or an individual record view. I've tried to create special layouts but can't get the view that I want above. Can anyone advise on how this kind of view is possible? Please see attached if you need a better visualization of what I mean here. I would appreciate anyone's feedback! Thank you.