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How do I get sort my pop Up Menu based on a related field

Question asked by DarrenFrancis on Jul 20, 2012
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How do I get sort my pop Up Menu based on a related field


Hi guys, I would like to have my Pop up menu sorted by a related field instead of alphabetically.

Please refer below to understand my issue more clearly:



The two tables are related via dressSize. I have placed a pop-up menu in my Layout which is based on Table Person. The pop-up menu gets its values from a value list which I had created which users values from both __kp_dressSize and dressSizeDesc from Table DressSize. "Show values on from second field" is checked. With this configure, my pop-up menu shows the text from dressSizeDesc but stores the primary key number from __kp_dressSize into _kf_dressSize when the user makes a selection. By default, the values show in the pop-up menu is sorted by alphabetical order.

In some situations, this would be fine. However, if the values stored in dressSizeDesc is "Extra Small", "Small", "Medium" and "Large", I would prefer it to be sorted by a related field. In this case, I had created dressSizeOrder in table DressSize to identify the order in which the records should be displayed. I have tried searching the web and the forum and I can't find a solution to force the pop-up menu to be sorted by that related field. Could somebody help me out with this?