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How do I get Sums?

Question asked by mainemandean on Nov 24, 2013
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How do I get Sums?


     I use pretty much only the Table view in Browse mode.  I have figured out how do make a totals field which totals the entries in all the numerical fields in a record.

     But I cannot figure out how to create a "record" which shows the sums of all the numerical values in a field.  I found a definition of Sum in the User's Manual, and that is exactly what I want.  But after much trying, i still cannot figure out how one does this.

     I want to have a "Totals" record below all the other records, showing the sums of all the values in their respective fields, each cell containing the total for that field only.

     Could someone walk me through this?  I am new to the program, and not tech-savvy.  Please give it to me in very basic, step-by-step language!