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How do I get xslt-formatted results in a static html-page

Question asked by mlasson on Feb 12, 2010
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How do I get xslt-formatted results in a static html-page


Filemaker server 8 on Mac OS X server 10.4.11 with apache web server


Beginner at this...  Have read the manual "FileMaker® Server 9 Custom Web Publishing with XML and XSLT" and managed to get a bit on the way to what I want to accomplish. Have set up the relevant database to connect to the web server and made some basic formatting to xslt-templates so now my data looks as I want it.


I can query for example http://<host>/fmi/xsl/recordlist_short.xsl?-lay=weblayout&-sortfield.1=pubyear&-sortorder.1=descend&-sortfield.2=pubissuewithoutcolon&-sortorder.2=descend&-findall  and get the result as a list that then can be browsed and further investigated on record-level. 


Fine so far but now my problem, the main webpage has alot of other complex parts (menues, searchfunctions etc) and thus I want those parts accessible also on the database-generated pages. Seems overkill to design the xslt-template to mimic the site entirely (plus I would have to copy lots of pictures and such into the fmi/xsl-folder as I understand it..


The smartest I have come to think of is make an iframe in the regular page and put the xslt-template there but that is not really optimal.


Is it somehow possible to within a normal static html-page query the database for this data instead of transport via the above mentioned url to the xslt-template. Is there some documentation bout how this is done to be found somewhere on filemaker sites?


Hope I make sense, beginner at this as I said.  


 Edit: maybe this should be in the server forum, if so can someone move it?