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    How do I hide top menus?



      How do I hide top menus?


      I'm getting ready to go beta and deploy my FM solution, but want to lock it down first.  I've a script which is run for staff on login which:

      Hides Menubar

      Hides Toolbars

      Hides Text Ruler

      This still leaves the menu at the top of the screen with all sorts of goodies a member of staff could touch.

      I understand I could run a kiosk solution, but I just tried that and FM went somewhat mad on me, without direction, nor would it let me use anything.  I'll look into that later as I need a desktop solution.

      So, can I simply hide or edit certain commands from the existing menu? 




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          You need to use either Kiosk mode or a custom menu set that only lists the options you want your users to have.

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            You can also use Manage | Security and privilege sets with limited access to reduce your users's access to menu options.

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              Hi Phil

              As I want to hide some things completely, but keep the options for menus open, I'll look to use a custom menu set.  As I say, kiosk at this time I think isn't right for the particular task.

              So is it a case of editing the existing menu set or creating a new one which is as identical as I want, but with say, Scripts and Tools removed, for example?

              And once I've done that, how does it get called?  Is this on a per account/person basis?

              Lots of questions, thanks for the help so far 

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                You would make a copy of the existing menu set and then edit the individual menus. You can specify a specific "default" menu set for a layout or a script can use the Install Menu Set script step to install specific menu sets for specific users. But note that some options inside the set up for your privilege set may make this unnecessary. The available menu commands, option, for example, may serve your needs.

                The Tools menu cannot be removed, but is only a feature of FileMaker Advanced. Users with Run time solutions or FileMaker Pro will not see the Tools menu. Users who do not have the file open with a full access privilege set could see the tools menu if using advanced (there's no reason for them to use advanced), but would not be allowed to use them without first entering a full access password.

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                  Thanks Phil, 

                  Each of my users now have their own menu sets defined by script on login.