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    How do I import .xls data into many tables?



      How do I import .xls data into many tables?


      I have some data that has been in two separate spreadsheets until now. I want to get it into a database because of FM's better data management capabilities, but moving the data is tricky.

      I've tried dragging the spreadsheets onto the FM11 icon, and while this works I end up with a single table of information in one database for one spreadsheet, and a separate database for the second spreadsheet. That in itself is difficult, but my problem is more than that. 

      Spreadsheet 1 would more logically be represented by four different tables, not one; Spreadsheet 2 (which is started fresh each year) duplicates some of the data in Spreadsheet 1, but adds some new stuff too. So my problem can be summarised:

      1. Is there an easy way to move data from one xls spreadsheet so it ends up in four tables in a new FM file?
      2. Once 1) has been done, is there a way to merge the second spreadsheet data into the new database?
      3. Alternatively is there a way to move data between tables in the same FM db?

      All the help files I've read talk about moving data between databases. I have managed to create new tables, and move the required fields into them from the "dragged copy" of the spreadsheet - and this would be in the same database, but I can't figure out how to go further.

      Any suggestions?


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          Check out Import Records and its many options. This is the tool you should use to move data from your excel files into tables in your filemaker database. It can also be used to copy data from one filemaker table to another.

          To import data into 4 different tables, you'd import records four times--once for each target table in filemaker. You'll need to analyze your data to see if the excel data has the correct values to support relational links between your four tables. If you have a column in the spreadsheet that unqiuely identifies each row, you have a start on that--though the details depend on how you need to structure your data and what form the data takes in the spreadsheets.

          Whenever you try out an import records operation, make a back up copy of your file first so that you can toss the file and try again if you don't get the results you expected.