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How do I import .xls data into many tables?

Question asked by basilisk2 on Aug 15, 2010
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How do I import .xls data into many tables?


I have some data that has been in two separate spreadsheets until now. I want to get it into a database because of FM's better data management capabilities, but moving the data is tricky.

I've tried dragging the spreadsheets onto the FM11 icon, and while this works I end up with a single table of information in one database for one spreadsheet, and a separate database for the second spreadsheet. That in itself is difficult, but my problem is more than that. 

Spreadsheet 1 would more logically be represented by four different tables, not one; Spreadsheet 2 (which is started fresh each year) duplicates some of the data in Spreadsheet 1, but adds some new stuff too. So my problem can be summarised:

  1. Is there an easy way to move data from one xls spreadsheet so it ends up in four tables in a new FM file?
  2. Once 1) has been done, is there a way to merge the second spreadsheet data into the new database?
  3. Alternatively is there a way to move data between tables in the same FM db?

All the help files I've read talk about moving data between databases. I have managed to create new tables, and move the required fields into them from the "dragged copy" of the spreadsheet - and this would be in the same database, but I can't figure out how to go further.

Any suggestions?