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How do I increase this formula?

Question asked by JustinWhite on May 8, 2012
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How do I increase this formula?




I am trying to have the below formula increased.  So far this works for sorting half of my records but I need it to sort the other half.

If ( Sequence ≤ Record Count Group+1; (1+(Sequence-1)*4 ) ;If(Sequence > Record Count Group;1+(Sequence - Record Count Group-1) * 4)

I thought I could slam a ";"at the end and continue on with if formulas formula but I get a too many paramenters error.

The next parts need to have if(Sequence > Record Count Group*2+1;(1+(Sequence -(Record Count Group*2))-1) and  if(Sequence > Record Count Group*3+1;(1+(Sequence -(Record Count Group*3))-1)

I started thinking that maybe this is a case situation but I could only manage to get the first set of numbers assigned

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