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    How do I keep a running list of emails attached to a contact?



      How do I keep a running list of emails attached to a contact?


      I'm new to Filemaker Pro 10 and still getting my feet wet with relationships, layout and such.  I would like to be able to (1) open an email window that I can fill out with To, Subject, Message, and (2) record any email sent to the viewed contact recorded (like a note) in a running log record for  that contact.  I have seen the Filemaker "Email Campaign Management" quickstart which seems to have the capabiliites to do what I want, but with too many bells and whistles. All I need is to be able to enter subject, email letter and send, and then be able to see what my correspondence has been in a portal list. Trying to decipher all the relationships in the "Campaign Management" template is beyond my capabilities at this point.


      Also I wanted to know if it is possible to have a running list that includes both notes about the contact and emails to the contact in the same table window in chronological order.  I have been doing this in Now Contact in the past by copying and pasting emails (from Entourage email program) into the notes field. . . quite tedious and the reason I moved on to Filemaker.


      What are the steps I need to go through to add such a "Correspondence" tab w/portal to my contacts list layout, making sure that all my relationships are in order.





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          Thank you for your post.


          You'll need a key field between your Contacts table and Running Log table.  For this example, I will call it "CustID".


          When you find the contact, you can switch to a layout that includes "To" (already filled in with Email field), "Subject" and "Message".  These latter two fields can be global storage for now.


          Once the information is filled out, you can press a button which will do the following:


          Set Error Capture [ On ]

          Send Mail [ To: <Email field> ; Subject: <Subject field>; Message: <Message field> ]

          If [ Get ( LastError ) = 0 ]

             Go to Layout [ <layout with Running Log fields> ]

             New Record/Request

             Set Field [ CustID ; Contacts::CustID ]

             Set Field [ Subject ; Contacts::Subject ]

             Set Field [ Message ; Contacts:: Message ]

             Go to Layout [ <original layout in Contacts> ]

             Set Field [ Contacts::Subject ; "" ]

             Set Field [ Contacts::Message ; "" ]

          End If




          Explanation...  I turn on Error capture and send the mail.  If the mail fails, then the If clause is false and leaves you back at the same place so you can try again.  You could also put a dialog box in an "Else" option so you know what occurred.


          If you received no errors, then the focus goes to the layout with the Running Log fields, adds a new record, updates the CustID field from the Contacts table, since we want to attach this to the particular Contact, and add the Subject and Message information.  If you want to add the date, do that here, too.  Return to the original layout and remove the information from the two global fields "Subject" and "Message" (unless you want to send a similar message to someone else).


          This should get you pointed in the right direction.



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