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How do I keep a running list of emails attached to a contact?

Question asked by fiddlerdave on Sep 20, 2009
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How do I keep a running list of emails attached to a contact?


I'm new to Filemaker Pro 10 and still getting my feet wet with relationships, layout and such.  I would like to be able to (1) open an email window that I can fill out with To, Subject, Message, and (2) record any email sent to the viewed contact recorded (like a note) in a running log record for  that contact.  I have seen the Filemaker "Email Campaign Management" quickstart which seems to have the capabiliites to do what I want, but with too many bells and whistles. All I need is to be able to enter subject, email letter and send, and then be able to see what my correspondence has been in a portal list. Trying to decipher all the relationships in the "Campaign Management" template is beyond my capabilities at this point.


Also I wanted to know if it is possible to have a running list that includes both notes about the contact and emails to the contact in the same table window in chronological order.  I have been doing this in Now Contact in the past by copying and pasting emails (from Entourage email program) into the notes field. . . quite tedious and the reason I moved on to Filemaker.


What are the steps I need to go through to add such a "Correspondence" tab w/portal to my contacts list layout, making sure that all my relationships are in order.