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    How do I lock a field?



      How do I lock a field?


      Greetings and thanks for taking my question.


      How do I lock a numeric field so that the amounts cannot be changed?



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          Silly answer: The same way you lock a non-numeric field.


          Actual answer: It depends on what you want...


          1. You can't change what you can't touch.  You can set the field to not be enterable in browse mode (Field Behavior setting).


          2. You can't change what you are prohibited from changing.  You can set the account privileges so that certain users can change it, and others cant. (File>Manage/Define Database>Accounts&Privileges.  Under Privilege sets, look along the right hand side of the window and you'll see specific restrictions you can make for records, layouts, scripts and fields.  The help menus are pretty clear on these settings...give them a browse.  Keep an eye on scripts that run with full access privileges, though.


          3. You can't {manually} change what you cant see.  You can leave the field off of the layout altogether.  If you change the field by script or such, having the field missing from the layout won't change anything...as long as you don't have a "GoToField" step in your script or something like that.


          Is this what you're looking for?  If not, could you give more specifics?