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How do I make a portal edit an existing record and not create duplicates

Question asked by AllisonCahanin on Feb 27, 2013
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How do I make a portal edit an existing record and not create duplicates




I'm working on a database for an organization at my university, and I've only been using this program for about a month now, so hopefully the answer to this question isn't too technically involved.

In my database I have records for students who have been involved in the program and records for courses supported by our program. In the course records there is a portal that allows me to quickly enter in a courses roster (ID numbers and names of the students) -- I set up the portal/relationship to be capable of creating new records so that when I enter in a classes roster I don't have to go back and create a record for each individual student.

Everything was great until I realized that students can be enrolled in 2, 3, etc courses with our program-- FM 10 creates duplicate complete records for these students when I enter them in to a 2nd/3rd/etc roster instead of adding that 2nd, 3rd, etc course to the portal in the student record that shows the courses they've taken.  Is there a way to make FM 10 JUST edit the existing student record, and add the new course to the list in the student's portal, instead of making these duplicates?