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How do I pass data from a field into a new record each time data is entered?

Question asked by JamesClark on Nov 4, 2010
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How do I pass data from a field into a new record each time data is entered?


I'm new to using filemaker and I've started off with a project of building a database of equipment used by the production company I'm working for, as of today I have it doing pretty much everything I want it to do, it presents information about pieces of equipment and also how many of a given asset is currently in stock or in use it also records the date of the last time someone borrowed a piece of equipment and the date when the last person returned a piece of equipment.

What I'd like to do next is to have a person accessing the database enter their name every time they borrow a piece of equipment and to have that name and the recorded date be added to a list of separate occasions when the equipment was borrowed, how much of it and by whom. This way the database as it currently stands can give the basic information of when something was last borrowed and last returned but also if need be one can look at a more detailed and comprehensive list with details of all the previous borrowing. This will also be necessary as we have several of certain pieces of equipment so if someone were to borrow say 2 out of 6 of one of them and then later another user borrows 1 the database will currently only display the date borrowed for the latest occasion where something was borrowed. This is okay but I want to be able to build this more detailed list so that if one needs to, they can track where the other two are and how long they've been gone.

Can anyone tell me how I would go about setting this up? Do need to create a record for each occasion of borrowing? Or is there some way to set up a record which is just a list of multiple data entries for each time something was borrowed? Which would be best?