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How do I plan a conference program database?

Question asked by otto_m on Feb 20, 2014
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How do I plan a conference program database?



     I am planning a database for an upcoming teacher conference that should be able to output all documents necessary for the organisation of the event.

     So far, I have two tables, "Presenters" and "Papers". As there are joint presentations, "Papers" can have more than one entry from "Presenters". Therefore, I have joined them by a link table using "Presenter ID" and "Paper ID".

     In a next step, I need to set up the conference schedule to cover the following events: There are twelve time slots @ 40 minutes each, and in each time slot, there are four events in four different rooms.

     The output should be like:

     Friday 23 May 2014 — 13:00—13:40 — Room 4.01 — Presenter A and Presenter B — Title of Paper 1
                                                                     Room 4.02 — Presenter C                            — Title of Paper 2
                                                                     Room 4.03 — Presenter D and Presenter E — Title of Paper 3
                                                                     Room 4.04 — Presenter F                            — Title of Paper 4

     Friday 23 May 2014 — 13:50—14:30 — Room 4.01 — Presenter G and Presenter H — Title of Paper 6
                                                                     Room 4.02 — Presenter I                               — Title of Paper 7

     I would be extremely grateful if you could answer these questions:

• How many tables do I need for the time slots and rooms?

• How do I join the new table(s) to include the presenters and papers?

     Thank you very much in advance,