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How do I populate a report, with ONLY related records data?

Question asked by djinn22 on Aug 7, 2012
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How do I populate a report, with ONLY related records data?


Hi Every one,

Firstly, let me just say I am a n00b at database design. I have used a lot of different databases as an end user, and have a small amount of knowledge with small SQL databases for a commerce website that I built once, but as far as design fundamentals!

Now......I am creating a database that reports on inspections of buildings. Basically I have set it up so that Shopping Centre info (ie address, name etc) are set up in a table, The main Audit layout allows selection of the shopping centre from a drop down list, and extra info is then added (i.e. shop name, shop number, inspector name)
from there a button click takes you to the inspection screen, which has inspection details broken down into categories, for which I have setup some conditional drop down lists. I have generated a report layout from the inspection layout, which takes information entered in and uses a <> to insert text to a report for me, which seems to work fine.

What I cannot figure out, is how I can show only related record data in the report. All layouts are linked by a shoppingCentreID field which allows me to keep records related in the layouts. So now I have 2 questions:

1. How do I get only the records relating to a specific shoppingCentreID into a report
2. is it possible to have only related records from shoppingCentreID AND a date field, populate to a report?

what i mean by this and the reason for this is, I need to generate a report on each inspection I do. if I pull the records from ONLY the shoppingCentreID field, then any inspection I have done for that shopping centre will populate that report. I need it to be only TODAY's record, created under that shoppingCentreID that populates the report. Is this possible?

I hope this makes sense.......

Look forward to your advice