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    How do I populate a report, with ONLY related records data?



      How do I populate a report, with ONLY related records data?


      Hi Every one,

      Firstly, let me just say I am a n00b at database design. I have used a lot of different databases as an end user, and have a small amount of knowledge with small SQL databases for a commerce website that I built once, but as far as design fundamentals go..........fail!

      Now......I am creating a database that reports on inspections of buildings. Basically I have set it up so that Shopping Centre info (ie address, name etc) are set up in a table, The main Audit layout allows selection of the shopping centre from a drop down list, and extra info is then added (i.e. shop name, shop number, inspector name)
      from there a button click takes you to the inspection screen, which has inspection details broken down into categories, for which I have setup some conditional drop down lists. I have generated a report layout from the inspection layout, which takes information entered in and uses a <> to insert text to a report for me, which seems to work fine.

      What I cannot figure out, is how I can show only related record data in the report. All layouts are linked by a shoppingCentreID field which allows me to keep records related in the layouts. So now I have 2 questions:

      1. How do I get only the records relating to a specific shoppingCentreID into a report
      2. is it possible to have only related records from shoppingCentreID AND a date field, populate to a report?

      what i mean by this and the reason for this is, I need to generate a report on each inspection I do. if I pull the records from ONLY the shoppingCentreID field, then any inspection I have done for that shopping centre will populate that report. I need it to be only TODAY's record, created under that shoppingCentreID that populates the report. Is this possible?

      I hope this makes sense.......

      Look forward to your advice

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          To only report data from the related table, base your layout on the related table. To limit the records in the report to a specific ID and date, there are two options:

          1) Perform a find on the report layout for all records of a specified ID and Date. This could be done manually or in a script.

          2) A script from the parent table's layout can use GoTo Related records to pull up all records linked to the current record. If this produces a found set of inspection data for more than one date, constrain found set may be used to limit the found set to records of a specified date.

          Note: If you are repeatedly inspecting the same Shopping Center, it may be helpful to set up a table where each record represents a single inspection of a specific shopping center.

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            Hi Phil,

            Thats Great, It seems to work exactly as I want it to, as far as the information that I want on the report. Thanks for that!! The only problem now is that all of the details are going into the report layout, and I cannot figure out how to get the report to save seperate files for each individual shop.

            For example, Now the report sorts data form each individual shop that I inspect and when I hit preview, It shows a page per shop, and on each page it has a break down of inspections done in that particular shop. When I save as PDF it saves ALL of the pages into one file. What I would like to happen is have some sort of script (i guess) that saves each store page as a seperate PDF, and have it named using the Shop name information.

            Is this possible?

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              You should limit your found set to just the records for that one store. Then your PDF will only include records from that one store when you save it as a PDF.

              If you read my last post again, I describe two methods for limiting the records in the report for a specific store and/or a range of dates.

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                Lloyd, When I go to print preview and select "Save as PDF" I am able to select whether I want it to save all of the records in the found set, just the current record, or even a blank record showing no data. If I understand your question that might help you out I'm not sure. If you didn't know about it though, that is a nifty little feature!