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How do I populate fields based on input value selected?

Question asked by JimBessette on Aug 19, 2013
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How do I populate fields based on input value selected?


     I'm really new to Filemaker Pro.  I have Vers. 11.   What I'm trying to do is populate a portal based on a drop down selection made during user input.  For example, say I have a table of hiking trails.  The fields in the table are HikeID, HikeName, and HikeDescription.   Now, when I bring up a User table layout to enter data, I want a portal (I think) that will have those same fields, but I want the HikeName and Description to be populated based on the HikeID the user selects.   I think I want to use this kind of information to show all the Hikes a user has done.   So, when updating a user, I can select Hike ID 1 - and the two fields will be populated with the name and description of the hike.  I go to the next row in the portal and select Hike ID #4, and so on.    I don't know how to do that in FM Pro.  Any pointers or help would be appreciated.  I do have FM Pro - The Missing Manual, but I haven't found anything yet in that.  Not sure if this would be a "calcuation", or "script".

     Thanks for any help,