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    How do I print a report in IWP



      How do I print a report in IWP


      Ok, PLEASE tell me there is a way to print a multi-page report from IWP.


      I have gone out and purchased FileMaker PRO and FileMakerPro Server so

      I could use IWP to allow users to view and change data but most importantly



      What sense does it make not to be able to print reports from IWP !!!!


      Really, if I have to put FileMakePro on every machine to print reports,

      I might as well have gone with MS-Access on every machine !


      Francis Fernandez

      IT Manager



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          Thank you for your post.


          A web browser is used when accessing a FileMaker file via Instant Web Publishing.  FileMaker Pro only sends one page of information to the browser to interpret.  In order to print the second page, you will have to skip to the second page and print again.



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            Pardon me for being blunt here, but how the heck do you print ANYTHING with iwp?

            I have the same issue, except - I want to my users to print a post either to PDF or as a normal print job.

            However, as couldn't figure it out on my own I turned to forums only to find out that these print options aren't available with iwp.

            Sure you can do half the job with some serious scripted workaround - but that kind of defies the point of FMP doesn't it?!


            Now, how can you advertise the software as 'powerful web comatability' when you cannot even perform such a primitive task?

            I guess I should've done my homework because I would never have bought this software had I known about this lack of functionality.

            Talk about disappointing.

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              I guess I missed the advertisement that said, "IWP is great for report printing."


              I agree it would be nice to be able to generate PDFs or data exports from IWP, but I don't understand the hostile attitude.


              Put in your suggestions here:



              or here:



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                I can't answer for the guy before me, but when it comes to me - I'm just very disappointed and a bit frustrated because I feel that printing in any form is fundamental really.


                Don't get me wrong here, I do love FileMaker but it really frustrates me to buy the software and discover a complete lack of this feature.

                When you buy FMP after having read about IWP you don't really stop and think 'hey wait a minute, I probably won't be able to print or save as PDF'.

                I know this is an oversight on my behalf, but it is equallly disappointing and I hope you can understand where I'm coming from with this.

                The idea with IWP is fantastic, but it does feel like an unfunished product.


                Now, having said all of that. Do you know if there are any plans to include this in future updates?

                If not, what are my options here?

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                  I have been working on this for a very long time. 


                  I have tried the 360 remote script, bought it and set it up but once something is not "ready" on the remote machine it did not seems to be reliable.  Also using terminal server did not bring you the "user" of the open FMP even if you logged in as admin from both time - another screwy thing.


                  Then I tried browser plugins to make the pdf from the user side and ... maybe .... but it all seemed a little screwy and only if you know who you where dealing with that might work, usually not the case.


                  Then I tried FMStudio, bought it (and all the books) and learned php, .  php was not really the problem in the end, I set up a very complex output page calling 1 record through a url using an id number field and it I got it to work - but now I am at the place where it all works great on the test machine (Mac running xp (I know) with Apache and php) but when I ftp it up to the server the graphics do not show up - but it all works great on the laptop.  Tried other servers and still no go.  You will find me begging on the FMStudio forum and getting little to no help.  and time goes on. (I have the same user name on both forums).  Also the pdf module does not like, or put another way, formatting the text was a pain in the  #^#66, And css was limited and basically getting it to look right once generated (without graphics) was really time consuming.


                  Tried calling and paying for help from filemaker - no go... (the smart people aren't on the front lines)


                  Called adobe (spent many hours looking on there site) for anything I could use as a server side pdf generator - no go -  and also got the comment - "oh, filemaker, isn't that older stuff your working with" as to imply, why are you wasting your time.


                  Tore apart the output IWP page and it seems to be all be a very complex css - inline page so it is understandable why is it hard to get from here to there in any simple way.  But it is the very complex layout (using css type scripting I assume) that makes filemaker so user friendly.


                  Tried CWP using FMSA9 with php and the other options.  Very clunky and very limited.  I had about 80 database calls (fields) for 2 pages to print as a "quote"


                  Makes you want to scream! 


                  I have done a lot with filemaker, all types of web publishing, ODBC, server9, Engineering XML import and on and on and I think this one issue should be number 1 (ONE).  I have others that might be nice but they do not matter as long as we can't simply script a simple browser side pdf generator to create a professional, printable, clean output from IWP.


                  Please let me repeat, IWP needs a server side pdf generator as issue number ONE!!!  Whatever it takes, if one where for sale don't you think I would have bought it and moved on to all the projects I would like to build with Filemaker?


                  After all this I think I am still back at FMStudio (for now) if I can get the graphics to show someday (BTW, I tried "pause", container import methods, different types of files, URL calls - but then what about using a "database" and why you would use a "database" if you need an "images" folder - seems the concept is gone at that point.


                  Still screaming,



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                    If you've ever put together a website, you know that to print, you use the browser's Print command, optionally invoking it with a Javascript. To generate a PDF or a CSV file, you have to go beyond HTML and use PHP (or equivalent programming language). It was never my expectation that IWP would be any different.


                    (What frustrates me more in IWP are some of the FileMaker features that aren't supported, e.g. conditional formatting. And it is sort of inexcusable that transparency in PNG images is lost. We're supposed to use GIF! Like I'm designing for Netscape Navigator?!!)


                    Regarding future IWP, my guess is that we won't see PDF, printing, or export features any time soon, if ever. Your options are to either equip each user with FileMaker, or look into CWP, which previous post to the contrary, does in fact open up all kinds of possibilities for printing.