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How do I produce a line item report?

Question asked by Cazza on Jul 29, 2009
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How do I produce a line item report?


I am using the template that FMP designed for sales invoices, but I cannot see how I can find out how many of each item I have sold from my inventory?  If I search for one product, it brings up all of the records showing that product in it.  This is not ideal, as then I have to scroll through the records and manually add up!


I want an easy view report that says


Product X £10 Gift Card  Sold 24 Value £240

Product Y £5 Gift Card Sold 10 Value £50

and so on


The only way I think I am going to succeed with this, is to not use the Repeating field process, but to make a field for each product.


However!  how do I then get that information into an invoice when the customer has selected their products other than to be showing every product on our invoice!  Not easy when I have over 400 product varients.


Help!!!  CAnnot afford a developer - we are experienced FMP users but we are wanting more out of our databases for reporting purposes.