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How do I pull one record from a portal when it's not the first or last record listed?

Question asked by ShaunG-B on Aug 3, 2010
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How do I pull one record from a portal when it's not the first or last record listed?


I am using FileMaker Pro 9, and having trouble here.

I am trying to design a layout that shows all the people who attended a particular gallery exhibit.  Gallery exhibit information is stored in the Gallery Table, and personal information (name, phone, etc.) is stored in the Master table.

Master Table is linked to Gallery Exhibitions Table through unique ID code Client_ID. The relationship is not sorted.

In the Master Table, there is a tab that displays records from Gallery Exhibitions through a portal, which is sorted by the Exhibit_Name field, which is a drop-down value list.

In the layout I have designed, ideally the Exhibit Name will display in the header as a searchable drop-down value list, and then the main body of the layout is one line long which displays the name, email and exhibit participation record for each person.

The body of the layout works -- if I search for an event in the Exhibit_Name drop-down list, it will display the names of all people who attended the event.  

However, the issue is that all the information being pulled from the Gallery Exhibitions table is not displaying the way that I want it to.  The exhibit_name record in the header is displaying data from the first exhibit record of the first person listed.  If that person's most recent exhibit was not the one I did the search for, then the Exhibit_Name display in the header is incorrect.  The same is for the exhibit participation -- the field will display the first record from the portal, not the record relating to the event that I searched for.

Does this make sense?  Any ideas about what I need to change in order to display the correct fields from the portal?

Thank you ~ Shaun G-B