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    How do I remove formatting



      How do I remove formatting


      I have a text field that previous users have entered various font sizes bold etc Id like to display this with a consistent formatting in my layout how do I do this

      If I need to how do I replace the current text with a consistent format.

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          You can use TextFormatRemove to strip off all formatting applied directly to the text in a field.


          You can use this in an expression with Replace Field Contents to permanently strip out the formatting or you can define a calculation field as:


          TextFormatRemove ( textField ) if you want to display uniform formatting on one layout while retaining the formatting for others.


          You can also use this in an auto-enter expression: TextFormatRemove ( self ) to prevent users from formatting the text during data entry if you wish.


          In all these cases, to apply a uniform text format once you've removed this formatting, enter layout mode and apply text formats to the field.

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            Thanks I just wrote a script to do this for all the records worked like a champ. I knew there was a simple answer.

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                   I want to add this calculated expression to many fields to permanently strip out custom formatting:

              TextFormatRemove ( self )

                   The problem is, I already have this expression as a calculation in many of the fields:

                   If ( IsEmpty ( text access sku01 ) ; "" ; "$" & If ( text access sku01 ≥ 1000 ; Int ( text access sku01 / 1000 ) & "," ; "" ) & Right ( Int ( text access sku01 ) ; 3 ) & Left ( text access sku01 - Int ( text access sku01 ) + .001 ; 3 ) ) & " US"

                   Can I have both expressions for a single field? How do I do that?