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How do I repeat a last find request (show the last find results) ?

Question asked by Twistan on Dec 27, 2013
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How do I repeat a last find request (show the last find results) ?


     FM 11 Advanced

     Dear all,

     I have studied all the manuals that I have at my disposal but I have not found the solution to the following simple problem:

     The user, after having entered several variables, executes a (scripted) find request   and gets a list of results.

     Next, he enters one specific record of that list but he realizes that this record does not contain the information he was looking for.

     Therefore, he would like to re-display the set of found records instead of running the search against the entire database again.

     I have no idea how to script this because as far as I understand the find parameters are stored in the script step that performs the initial find step. When this script is terminated and a new script is run the find parameters are lost. Am I wrong here ?

     I read that it is possible to save a snapshop of found records to a temp  file but I thnk there must be a much easier way. 

     I am at the end of my tether. Can anybody of the experts give me a hint ?

     Kindest thanks,