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How do I repeat field data in every new record ?

Question asked by RomZareski on May 22, 2014
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How do I repeat field data in every new record ?


     I'm new to FileMaker Pro and I've been searching for solutions to what I thought would be simple but cannot seem to find any, could someone please help ? Thanks

     I created a file to keep track of Stock for our Sculptures and entered all the necessary fields. Most of these fields are text and have to be entered manually as they're mostly different, but one of these fields, EDITION, is a field that I would like to repeat in every new record. I want it to contain the same data in every record, 1 - 8, 2 - 8, all the way to AP IV / IV.  How do I do that ?

     Also, When I select a particular field to enter data, the highlighted filed becomes black and I cannot see anymore what I am typing, is there a way to change the color of the highlighted field ? 

     I included a photo example...

     Thank you for the help