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How do I replace @ symbol in email address on a find?

Question asked by Makena05 on Apr 3, 2013
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How do I replace @ symbol in email address on a find?



     I'm creating a conference registration page which asks for name, email, address, etc, etc in it.  I would like to have attendees have the option to update information that they submitted when they first registered.  To do this, I'm creating a layout where they can search for their record by submitting their confirmation number (which is emailed to them) and their email address.  

     When I attempted this with a simple find script, it always comes back as "no records found" even though I know the info is typed correctly.  After searching the forums, I found out that FM uses the @ symbol as a placeholder.  So when someone types their email address in (ie., no records will be found.  Apparently if you search for name\, the record will be found.  Does anyone know how to write a script that whenever someone searches on an email address, the @ symbol gets replaced with \@?

     Thanks in advance!