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    How do I select an existing portal record?



      How do I select an existing portal record?


           I'm getting deeper and deeper into my project now but I've struck an issue that I have no idea how to resolve.

           For each job I create I may have parts needed to complete this job. For each part I need to send them back to the supplier for repair or replacement and thus they need courier details which is a portal to a courier ticket table.

           Here's the thing though, that job may have a number of parts and they all go back on the same courier ticket so how do I link each of those record to the one EXISTING courier ticket record? I have no idea how to do this or even where to begin.

           Thanks for your assistance.

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               It appears that you have a table of Jobs linked to a table of parts, something like this?


               Jobs::__pkJobID = Parts::_fkJobID

               And it would seem you have a table of Courier Tickets.

               IF all the Parts for a given job link to the same Courier Ticket record, you need only link the Jobs record to the correct record in Courier Tickets and you will have also linked all Parts for that job to that same Courier Ticket record.

               Something like:

               Jobs::__pkJobID = CourierTickets::_fkJobID

               And this looks like a one to one relationship between Jobs and CourierTickets (one record in Jobs matches to one and only one record in CourierTickets and Vice Versa.)

               If that's the case, then you don't have to have two separate tables for Jobs and CourierTickets, though there can be good reasons for having two tables.

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                 Foolish me I've been looking at the problem wrong.

                 Instead of being part orientated it should be JOB orientated and therefore the relation should be the main Job Details table not the Part Details table.

                 I've corrected this but put the Courier Ticket portal on the same tab as the Part Details portal for design sake.

                 Thanks for your help though.