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How do I sort by date

Question asked by JoeFournier on Mar 19, 2013
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How do I sort by date


     Hi First let me start off by saying I am completely new to all of this filemaker stuff,  I have been able to do the bare basics, modifying fields adding stuff deleting stuff.  so that being said I am an exteme novice user.

     So I created a date field in my list and it actually worked, now I have been trying to figure out how do I make it like the other fields and sort by date,  when i click the sort by date it changes, but does not sort by date.

     The database is a corporate sponsor contact database for the Non profit organization I work for, what I am trying to do is get it to sort by date which is an membership expiration date.

     keep in mind I dont really know what I am doing, but I am a fast learner is anyone is willing to help me


     thanks in advance