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    How do I sort records in a table? layout?



      How do I sort records in a table? layout?


           Two related questions below

           1. I want to sort records in a table by the same three fields all the time, in every layout.  The choices available are:

           View By

           Creation Order

           Field Name

           Field Type

           Custom Order

           Field Name option only lets me choose one field.  Custom Order doesn't give me the ability to create the list of fields.  How can I create the list of fields to View By?

           2.  I want to set View By in the Table to Creation Order, but I want to create a Layout that always sorts by a specific set of fields.  I don't want to have to sort the fields every time I enter Browse Mode.  I want to create the list of sort fields in Layout Mode (design time).  How can I do this?


           Thank you for your assistance.


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               1. These are the options for sorting the list of field names in many parts of Manage | Database and other places where you as the designer need to select a field from a list. They are not the options for sorting records.

               To sort records for the found set of records shown on a layout, you would select Sort Records from the Records menu. Please note that unsorted records will be displayed in the order they were created.