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how do I test to see if a member belongs to a committee?

Question asked by TerryCoolidge on Feb 24, 2012
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how do I test to see if a member belongs to a committee?


 I am sending out an email to a found set of members to let them know what committees that have been assigned to.  I am using the List function to include an individualized list of committees for each member. I want to include an extra text string after the list for only those members who belong to a particular committee. I have figured out how to use an If function to either include or not include the text string based on whether the test is true or false by just using 1=1 vs. 1=2.  But I want to test to see if the member belongs to a particular committee.  Should I do some sort of text testing function on the text list (generated by the List function), or test for a committee_id number somehow?  I tried just saying "If Committee_Assignments::committee_id = 21," but that didn't work. I guess since there are multiple committee_id values stored in the Committee_Assignments table for each member?  How should I be approaching this? Thank you in advance!