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how do i turn off 'global' on the 'notes' field?

Question asked by fjordseeker on Jan 28, 2009
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how do i turn off 'global' on the 'notes' field?


hi, i started building my CRM db using the template provided by FMP (10 > the one called "Contact Management"). i have been gradually changing and adapting it and now am working on the "Notes" tab which allows user to create notes for each record. 

i assumed that these notes are on a PER RECORD basis but was surprised to find that if i add a note to one record and browse to another, this note also appears in THAT (and all other) record! did i mess something up? it's impractical in this case to have a single note for hundreds of customer records. so i have been looking through the various components that make up the Notes tab (script etc, field definitions etc) and can't for the life of me find where to turn off the global function. is this not possible?


any help would be mucho apreciated