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    How do I turn off Network sharing?



      How do I turn off Network sharing?


      I am a single developer on a single machine developing a stand alone application.


      Yet, FM 10 ADV keeps insisting that I log in everytime I (or my users) open the main .fp7 file.


      I have tried to turn this off using File Sharing --Filemaker Database but no combination seems to do it.


      Does FM assume that we ALL want Sharing on EVERYTHING we produce?


      I have been pounding on this for 4 hours and have exhausted every seeming combination .  


      What am I missing?


      Your help is appreciated.

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          Try setting your default account name and password in File>File Options…>Open/Close tab: Log in using: Account…


          This will bypass the login dialog unless you hold down the shift (Windows) or option (Mac) key when launching the app or opening the file. 

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               As Jade has correctly indicated, the log in password dialog has nothing to do with whether the file is or is not shared. It's behavior will be determined by how you set up your user access privileges and what file options/user preferences you set up.
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              Thanks for the ideas.  Here is some additional information.


              The message I get when opening my file is :


              "Open 'Members' using... Account Name:  Admin       Password:  ___________


              I just want to bypass this annoyance and get right to the app.


              I am running FM 10 Advanced on my MacPro which also has Parallels installed and a version of FM for Windows on it.


              When I run my app (Members.fp7) I can get to it without the log in, but if I try and run the same file in Windows (Vista ugh) it demands that I Log in.  There doesn't seem to be any way around this?


              Thanks again.



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                The behavior should be the same for both platforms. Obviously, it's not, hence your posts here.


                Are you opening the same file for both platforms or separate copies? (It sounds like you're opening the same file, but the behavior you are describing might be explained if you are working with two copies of the file for each platform.


                When you select File options, what do you see for "Log in using" on the mac? on windows?

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                  I GOT IT!    (At last).  What I needed to do was to supply the Login name and PW under File -- Options.   Then, FM won't ask me for them. 


                  This seems counter intuitive but does make some sense.  Thanks for everyone's thoughts.