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How do i...

Question asked by dukedinger on Jul 12, 2009
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How do i...


ok, here we go.


I'm trying to create a database that records fees paid.


I have a database already that has a stack of fields which to pertain to the persons details but I would like to include he below in one of my tab controllers. Let me try and outline what I want, cos I'm totally confused about how I might logically achieve it and think there must be an easier way that creating 10 fields for date, 10 fields for type, 10 for amount etc. 


For example, I would like something that functions like my layout below (NB. I may require anywhere from 1 to 10 entries for payments received):






Payment for services XY (blah blah)   



'AMOUNT OWNING': $xxx.00



   'DATE' 'TYPE' (money for service type) 'PAID TO' 'AMOUNT'  'RECIEPT #'

12/3   XY employe1  $xxx.00 Rec#321

29/4  XY employe3  $xxx.00 Rec#356

23/5  XY employe3    $xxx.00 Rec#376




How can I most efficiently track and record such information? I'm a beginner so be gentle with your assumptions about what I may or most likely do not know.


many thanks!