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How do we log who makes changes - and when?

Question asked by KenWelsby5448 on Aug 11, 2010
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How do we log who makes changes - and when?


Hello again

I'm building an information management system for an engineering project. It involves us as client, our project managers, the designers and 2-3 suppliers and contractors. We are scattered across Europe, not on a single network, so the database will be hosted by a FM network hosting outfit, where user privileges will be set.

As currently designed, one of the project partners starts a new record, gives a subject and then enters a query, instruction or request- in the text field ACTION. Others reply in the text fields RESPONSE or COMMENT. There can be two or three entries in these fields as we review and develop an item. Finally I as client then enter DECISION text and change the status to APPROVED. The TIMESTAMP field shows date of last modification, and all text fields have the instruction: Enter date, time and username before writing in this box.

However, we've now decided that recording date/time and user details must be an automatic function so that there can be no "quick answers" without these details and to be sure we can track who has said and done what.

Please bear in mind I'm no programmer - just a self-taught builder of simple databases. Oh, I'm currently in FM8, but will probably upgrade today or tomorrow to FM11, which the project managers are already using.

All suggestions welcome.