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How do we prevent "guest" from deleting "all records"

Question asked by TomMabry on Oct 12, 2011
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How do we prevent "guest" from deleting "all records"


Although we need others in the office to have data entry access (guest access) to our company database, we don't want someone to accidentally erase the entire database by selecting "delete all records" under the "records" heading.

The guest "privilege set" is setup to allow: "data entry only"

Is there a way to hide/block the option to "delete all records" under "records" in the menu?  Or any other way to prevent access to this option completely.

The problem is we still need guest to be able to overwrite data in an individual record they are working on, or even delete that individual record, just not the entire database accidentally with a couple of clicks.  (We know that an individual could literally delete the entire database one record at a time, but that would not be accidental)

This has already happened once so we really need help.