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How do you auto-generate customized Work Order numbers?

Question asked by AmericanPrinting on Aug 14, 2012
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How do you auto-generate customized Work Order numbers?


I work in a print shop and we have several different methods of printing. We have different Work Orders for each type. We currently print blank work orders, number them on our machine, and fill them in by hand. We'd like to start printing them out directly from FileMaker Pro once we've entered all the data. The problem is we have a different prefix for each type of printing method. For example, Press numbers start with P-#####, Digital are D-#####, Envelopes are E-##### and so on. Each type of printing has a different set of numbers (Press may start with 50123, Digital may be 10002, and Envelopes amy be 50032).

So my first question is: how do I set up my database with drop-down prefixes before the number? 

And my second is: how do I tell the computer what number I want to start with, and make sure it goes sequentially based on the prefix?