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How do you create a "contributors list" or "guest list" in FMP12?

Question asked by FranziskaBlome on Apr 7, 2014
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How do you create a "contributors list" or "guest list" in FMP12?


     Hi, I've searched the archive, but find that many posts are for much higher skilled developers than me. Since I don't know how to create such a list, I'm not even exactly sure what search terms to use. Here's my situation: I'm creating a contacts database for a client, with a related table for events. In contacts details, there's a portal listing all events this particular contact was involved in. I got that to work. Here's what I'm struggling with: in the events details, I'd like to have a field (with multiple rows, a "+" button to add more, and a scroll bar) where all individuals can be listed that play a certain role in that particular event. Just like the "contributors" field in the event management database available through starter solutions. How do I create that??? Is that just a repeated field? I tried that but now I can't format the field to feature a scroll bar and a "+" for adding another entry. Maybe it's an entirely different feature is creating such a "contributors" list? Please help in language for non-developers. Many thanks.