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How do you do this in FMP?

Question asked by mattb on Dec 4, 2009
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How do you do this in FMP?


This should be really simple.  I want the user to be able to skip to a particular record # in the table by typing in the record #

and clicking a button on the layout.


The status toolbar will be turned off for the user, so that's not an option.  I know I can assign a "Go to Record" via calculation (and dialog box)

script step to the button and this does work, but it's clunky in terms of the interface - I really don't want a dialog box popping up.  I figure

this should be able to be done directly on the layout, except that I can't figure out how.


My original thought would be to create a variable and use that variable to pass as a parameter into the Go To Record via calculation (without

dialog box) script step.  Except, how does one put an input box on the layout that accepts a variable - all input boxes seem to be tied

to table fields in FMP.  By necessity, the record # has to be input by the user and by my way of thinking it shouldn't have to be tied

to a table field.  And its not properly the subject of a Find operation either.


In Visual Foxpro, I used a "spinner" object which is an input field with up and down arrows that could be used to dial in a number (with upper

and lower limits) or the user could type the number in directly.  


So...what I do I do to accomplish this as described??




Matt Bloomfield