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How do you fix formatting in timestamp field?

Question asked by earthman on Aug 28, 2014
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How do you fix formatting in timestamp field?


     I'm trying to create a script that finds records with dates from todays date and beyond.  Unfortunately the field that contains the date I need is a timestamp field.  The data comes from county records formatted in a way that filemaker doesn't like. The problem formatting is as follows: The Month abbreviation is spelled with 3 letters. i.e. Mar, Feb, Jun, etc.  . . The day, w 4 character year, are numbers with no slash marks between.  Then comes the time: 12:00PM.  I have manually gone in to a couple of my timestamp fields and typed in a correctly formatted date and my script works fine.  
     Does anyone know how I can take a bunch of improperly formatted timestamp fields and format them correctly so that my script will work?  I've tried changing the Data in excel.  Even though excel can read and sort the, County Records, formatted data, I haven't been able to get excel to format the timestamp fields in a way filemaker use.  Any tricks or shortcuts would  be greatly appreciated.