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    how do you highlight buttons?



      how do you highlight buttons?


      Greetings Everyone,

      I was checking out the new "FM starting points" and I noticed the buttons and tabs change color when you hover over them with the mouse. I was wondering how to do that?

      Strange? One other thing..., I just noticed, whenever I use my return key in this forum edit window I notice it sends the curser to the top of the page. Any thoughts on that? Although it works correctly in my other apps. Maybe I just need to restart Safari?




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          I can answer the first question. (I don't use Safari to access this forum. I use Fire Fox from Windows 7 and don't see that behavior here.)

          Enter layout mode and click to select a button. Then go to the Inspector's Appearance tab. The top drop down should read "Button". The second should read normal and identifies the state in which the current appearance control settings will change the button's appearance. If you pull down this drop down, you'll see you have states for normal, hover, pressed and In Focus. By selecting the Hover state and selecting a fill color, you set the button to change to that color when you hover the mouse over the button. Note that you can also specify an image for each state of the button also.

          As an experiment, I set up a large square button that has the stereotypical smiley face in normal mode. But when you hover the mouse over it, it raises one eyebrow and it makes a face when you click it.

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            Thanks Phil,

            You are amazing.