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How do you know if FileMaker is right for your organization?

Question asked by Kellyn on Aug 25, 2012
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How do you know if FileMaker is right for your organization?


So let me explain about the orgaization I work for. Infinity Visual & Performing Arts, Inc. is a non-profit organization that teachs music, art, dance and theater to students. We are located in Jamestown, NY. We have been growing over the last several years, and for our 2012 program year we taught 1,591 unrepeated students throughout the programs we offer both on site and off. In 2011 that total was only 999 students. We are looking for a better way to maintain our data. Currently we use a 5 year old version of FileMaker on a dinosaur of a computer. No one on our tiny staff of 5 likes it, nor knows how to use it well. So it is not that helpful to us in day to day functions. 

We currently use a lot of excel spreadsheets, and pen and paper sign in sheets. I would love to find a way to keep all of our data together and in a program where we can better track all the things we already do, as well as being able to track new data.  


If any of you seasoned FM users out there can offer any suggestions, we would greatly appreciate it!


Thanks for reading.