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How do you make a small table appear on a small layout via a portal?

Question asked by HowardRathbun on Dec 13, 2010
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How do you make a small table appear on a small layout via a portal?


I use a couple of small tables (3-5 fields, 1 to 10 records) to receive calculated results and/or selected data from big tables.  I trigger the loading of these tables from various buttons on a couple of large layouts.    The buttons trigger the scripts that do the calculations and table loading and then go to the table which shows the results.  So far so good. But then I would like to go back to the original layout and I can not put a button on the table to do that.  So I thought of the following:

I would like each table to appear on a small layout which would also contain an Exit or Close button so I could easily go back to the layout from which this operaton was triggered.  I thought that a portal showing the table data would do the job but the portal setup for this small layout does not provide the ability to access the table in question.  These tables appear in the Database Relationships tab but do not have relationships with any other tables.  I tried adding some relationships but that didn't help.

This seems like a simple task but I haven't figured out how to do it.