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How do you make calculations from specific field values?

Question asked by StephanieLawless on Jan 30, 2015
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How do you make calculations from specific field values?


TWO questions from a newbie to Filemaker Pro.


Question 1:


How do I write a formula that performs a calculation on only one type of field content? For instance, in a field that I call, "unit_type," I have many text values (pool, riffle, glide, rapid, cascade). I only want to make calculations from the "pool" data. The text values are not from a value list that I created. They are what I've entered into the "unit_type" field over time. 


I already know how to use the "find" button to find all of the records with "pools" in that field, but I want to write it into a formula (preferred) or a script so I can create a more complex calculation for a summary page. 


Question 2: 


This is a question about using the Summary function when setting up fields. How do I set it up so that I can find running totals of data of a field in a set of records while simultaneously finding running totals of only a specific value in that same field in the same set of records? For example, I want to find the total unit area of all of the stream units I monitored while at the same time finding the total unit area of only the pools. I have a field called "unit_area" and a field called "unit_type." I created a field called "Total_Survey_Area," which is a running total of all of the unit areas, but how do I create another summary field that only grabs that same info from pools (without having to to "find" all the "Unit_type" fields that say "pool")? I need this pool subtotal to complete another calculation, and ultimately, for a report. That being said, it doesn't need to be a field that is shown on my layout. 


Thanks for the help!