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    How do you POST data to a URL



      How do you POST data to a URL


      I have been able to send a data set to a URL using the Query string in Open URL.

      eg: "http://www.website.com/webpage.asp?name=" & fieldname & "submit=submit"


      Some websites do not accept query strings and I am using a remote webpage to POST the data.


      Is there a way to POST the data set directly from FM?



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          Thank you for your post.


          I don't know of a way to directly POST data to a URL.  The only suggestion that comes to mind is use a Webviewer to display the information (be sure to check the option to allow interaction) and press the Submit button.  I know this isn't the ideal solution, but thought it should be mentioned.


          I have the feeling I'm overlooking something...  Anybody have a better workaround and/or solution?



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            On a Mac, you could call AppleScript to run a shell script using cURL. I suppose something similar should be possible on Windows, but I don't know much about that.


            This, BTW, deserves to be a feature request - especially in the context of importing external XML data. The inability to specify a POST request as the import source file closes an entire world of web services to Filemaker users.