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    How do you reinstall Filemaker 12?



      How do you reinstall Filemaker 12?


           I keep getting an error message in Filemaker 12 when I try to use the starter solutions which says that some of the files I need are missing and I need to reinstall Filemaker.  

           I bought Filemaker electronically in December 2012 and don't have a DVD.  I do have my licence code though.

           I have been to http://www.filemaker.com/support/downloads/, downloaded Filemaker Pro and uninstalled the old version of Filemaker Pro using the instructions on p22 of the instructions at http://help.filemaker.com/ci/fattach/get/42757/1318622825/redirect/1/filename/fmp12_install.pdf

           However, when I try to install Filemaker I get the following error message: A valid copy of Filemaker 12 could not be found".

           I think the problem is that I have downloaded an update rather than the whole software package.  Does anyone know how I can get the correct software to reinstall Filemaker Pro and/or how I can fix this problem?


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               If you contact FileMaker Techsupport with your license key in hand to prove you've purchased a copy, they should be able to re-issue the download link for an installer. I then suggest that you save that installer to a DVD or other Media to keep on hand in case you need to re-install in the future.