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    How do you turn off website sounds ??



      How do you turn off website sounds ??


      Using the web viewer tool, I created a field ( viewer ) to view the web site of companies in my datebase.

      Using Custom Web Address, I linked this to a field in my record that holds that companies web site URL. 

      When I scroll through my records, the web sites pop up into the web viewer field. This is great and just what I want. 

      But some web sites have autoloading little videos or sounds. What happens is that these sounds will continue to loop even when I moved beyond that record to a new company record. I can still here the sounds going on somewhere in the background. 

      Right now my only solutions to shut this off the sound is to 1) mute the sound, 2) completely close and reopen the file, 3) wait until it dies on its own. None of these solutions are good. 

      Is there a way that I can immediately stop the sound feed when I do not want it on anymore?

      Any help here would be greatly  appreciated.

      I have FMPro Advanced 10.0 v3OS - Windows Vista on desktop, Windows 7 on laptop

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          Try setting the web viewer's URL to an empty string before going to the next record.

          You might use an expression like this:

          If ( Not Table::off ; //URL expression here ; "" )

          Then you'd set the field table::Off to true before moving to the next record.

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            Thanks for help. 

            I am not to versed with these logic functions.

            What do you mean by "Then you'd set the field table::Off to true before moving to the next record."? 

            Do you mean I create another field that has an on/off and then I would have to click it?

            For Test 1, what is "Not Table"?


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              Since I don't know the name of the table occurrence selected in "show Records From" in Layout setup... for your layout, I used the placeholder "Table" in place of whatever name you have selected in Show Records From for this layout. Substitue the appropriate name from your database. "Off" is the name of a new field you would define in "Table". For initial testing, you can define the field, put it on your layout formatted with a single value check box that enters the value 1 if the box is clicked. Then click this box to enter a 1 and blank out the webviewer.

              You'd enter the expression I outlined in the Webviewer's setup (put the expression you already have in place of //URL Expression here) and see if entering a 1 in the Off field tops the media from playing. This trick worked for another user who was using a web viewer to view PDF's and discovered that the PDF's were being left open after moving to another record. I don't know if it will work for you or not, but it's a pretty simple test to try out and see.

              If it does work, you can use a button to run a script that changes the value and then you can remove this new field named off from the layout if you want.

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                OK, I created the checkbox field and the IF logical test.  This does work; when I check URL OFF check box, YES is selected. When check box is selected, Field with the web site disappears.

                So I guess this is a solution to stop it, but I was hoping for a method that would leave the web site field showing the web site page but not looping the auto load audio / video feed.

                Is this possible?

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                  That would depend on the web site as much as it does FileMaker. Do you have to interact with the web site in order to start the audio or video feed or does it happen automatically? If you have to do something to start it, you can probably just turn the URL off, then back on again something that can be scripted.

                  If it's automatic, you'd have to see if you can figure out a URL expression that keeps the video/audio from loading/playing--which may require information that the web site doesn't make public.

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                    These are all automatic starts. I do nothing and it starts. 

                    I guess the current solutions is good enough. It allows me to quick shut it off without having to mute or close the file.

                    Thanks for your quick and complete help.



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                      You can add buttons that use Go To Record to take you to different records in your found set. You can write a script that set's the "Off" field to True, then changes to the first, previous, next or last record (You can have a button for each), the last step sets the "Off" field for the record you've go to, to False to start the web viewer loading the desired web site automatically.