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    How do you undo contacts import



      How do you undo contacts import


      Hi there,

      I was adding contacts manually from an Excel file to a Sales Call Log in FMP that had already been started by someone in my office months before me. 

      To speed things up I exported the remainder of the contacts in excel as a .csv and then imported the contacts into FMP by clicking File> Import Records > File.

      The layout of the .csv file was different to the layout of the existing FMP Call Log I was working on and now the .csv contacts I imported have upset the entire FMP layout and now everything is a right bloody mess!

      But I can't seem to click undo on my action! How do I undo the contact import?

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          There's no undo.  Since you don't describe 'a right bloody mess', you could try:

          A)  Use the backup that you always create before trying a mass import.

          B)  If you have a record creation timestamp field, you can do a find on that field to get the most recently added records, check them, and delete them. 

          C)  if your import performed some auto enter steps, and you have a primary key, sort by that key-the records will be in creation order.